For Halloween the local folk rockers Folkstar – Kim Dicso and Sue Cag played a show with makeup like Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley from KISS. The video posted by Karmic Fury (who’s been posting a lot of local live music videos) is a compilation of Folkstar tunes and, of course, KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Night” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Watch Cag shred in the video just before the minute marker. The duo also posted a new video for the song “Cards and Letters” recently.

They also have two new videos, one just out that’s for an original Christmas song – “Alone on Christmas” the band is selling to help fund their next album. The bittersweet, catchy song features a solid chorus and a jazzy guitar melody that plays out like a stroll in the park.

Brian Tucker
Wilmington Star News

Folkstar Halloween
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