Folkstar – “Into the Trees” (Official Music Video)
“Into the Trees” was filmed in the ancient sequoia forests of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. The video depicts the whimsical activities of Folkstar’s alter ego animals (Sue as Squirrel and Kim as Raccoon) as they prance around in their natural habitat.

“Into the Trees” originated as a long poem about belonging to the trees and coming to my final resting place beneath them. The song brought the overall positive message to the forefront, praising the virtues of the forest as a place of balance. The verses and pre-chorus describe a struggle between two virtual worlds, that of nature and that of man: “one foot in nature, one foot on the street.” While the first verse claims I’m “nature’s orphan in human hands,” the second explains that it’s “both I need.” There is a dichotomy here that remains unresolved. ~Sue Cag of Folkstar

“Into the Trees” by Folkstar from their third album Treelines and Skylines!

Folkstar – “Treeline” (Official Music Video)
“Treeline” is a collection of clips from Folkstar’s California tree trips, complete with embarrassing dancing! You’re looking at the giant sequoias of the southern Sierras and later on, the coast redwoods of Northern California. All footage was taken at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Folkstar – “Human” (Official Music Video)
“Human” tells a personal story about transcending our accepted role of living in a world of animal exploitation and separation. “Human” was filmed by Karmic Fury Records on location at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Farm Sanctuary for doing what they do and allowing us to connect with the beautiful individuals we saw there. May we all do our part to make this world a better place for humans and non-humans alike.

Folkstar – “It Gets Better” (Official Lyric Video)
“It Gets Better” was inspired by and is dedicated to the It Gets Better Project ( This is a song against bullying of any kind, but especially against queer youth. It’s a song for all to know that despite the way some people behave, things will always get better.

Folkstar – “Loud and Clear” (Official Lyric Video)
The song and video reflect Folkstar member Sue Cag’s experience with hearing loss. While the lyrics tell the story of her grappling with the physical effects of this life-changing experience as well as frustration with doctors and specialists, the music itself provides a second layer to the story. Sue uses her guitar riffs to sonically imitate the things she experienced on this journey.

Folkstar – Alone on Christmas (Official Music Video)
The music video for the original Christmas single “Alone on Christmas” by Folkstar. The song is, well, a song about being alone on Christmas. Sometimes we find ourselves in this situation and this song explores the emotions we go through. In the end, there is solace; it’s alright to be alone on Christmas. Brian Tucker of the Star News writes: “The bittersweet, catchy song features a solid chorus and a jazzy guitar melody that plays out like a stroll in the park.” The official video for “Alone on Christmas” is poignant but uplifting, as well as downright silly at times.

Folkstar – Cards and Letters (Official Music Video)
The official music video for the single Cards and Letters by Folkstar, shot on location in Wilmington, NC in April/May 2012. Produced and directed by A Stolen Product, Cards and Letters is the first single from Folkstar’s album Emotional Bootcamp.

Folkstar – Gone (Live in Wimington, May 10th, 2012)
Folkstar’s song “Gone” performed live at the Wilmington Songwriter Sessions. Folkstar’s performance was flawless and driven by the love and excitement of the audience. Check out the hooting and hollering during Sue’s guitar solo @3:02, and check out Kim’s kick-ass growls most notably @2:10 and @3:50!!

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