If you’ve been debating whether to download our music (which is silly in itself because the album is AWESOME), we hope this will push you into the “Yes” column.

Until tomorrow, August 3rd, CD Baby is offering a special on album downloads. Normally they take a cut of download sales – we sell the album for $9.99 but only get $7.49 after they take their share (or $5.99 for the physical album*). However, through TOMORROW CD Baby will not be taking a percentage of download sales and we want to pass those savings on to you. You get the album for a few bucks cheaper and get the satisfaction that all of the money is going directly to us. So, download the album now at CD Baby for only $7.49!  Please note that this applies to the download version only and not the physical album.

We’re also excited to announce that the video for “Cards and Letters” is just about finished and will be released soon! We’ve seen the almost-finished product and it looks awesome.  Can’t wait to share it with you!


* In case you were deeply curious, CD Baby charges the least of all online retailers. Actually I think Bandcamp is cheaper for downloads, but they only do downloads. What I mean to say is, CD Baby is cheaper than the megaliths iTunes and Amazon. For physical CDs instead of downloads, hit us up directly and we only have to pay off paypal.


Cheap album download through tomorrow 8/3! And upcoming video!
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