Folkstar Beach Craft
Craft time with Folkstar!

Temps are finally starting to lower from the triple digits, and just in time for some upcoming Folkstar fun!

We have a killer show planned for the Juggling Gypsy Cafe on Friday, July 20th, including some new songs that have not been performed live – until now! Check out the Facebook event here.

The following week, we will head to Durham to perform and then mentor some campers with Girls Rock NC. We’re really stoked that we have a chance to influence the next generation of talented female rockers!

We’ve been too busy doing awesome music things to hit the beach (and we also burn easily, trust us) but some of our fans took the liberty of taking us there in spirit in the form of some cool beach arts and crafts.  See below for some photos.  Did you take Folkstar somewhere fun? (It could be our logo, t-shirt, sticker, etc).  If you’ve spotted Folkstar somewhere, take a pic and send it to and we’ll post it.  We’re taking over the world one beach alcove at a time!

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Summertime with Folkstar!
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