RecoveryRockFest has been all over the news lately, in so many places it’s impossible to keep up! This is due to the amazing outreach work of founder Nyla Cione. She’s been on radio stations, news stations, and all our online and paper press publications. We are honored to be included in such a great cause!!

Here we are on Time Warner news! Keep your eye out for all the Folkstar sightings!

Star News – Thursday, August 27th, 2015:
Article Online:

RRF Folkstar Star News
Recovery RockFest and Folkstar covered in this Thursday’s edition of Star News

Encore Magazine – August 26th, 2015:
Article Online:

RRF Folkstar in Encore
Recovery RockFest and Folkstar in Encore Magazine

Recovery RockFest Press Galore!!
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