Dicso annihilating a vegan pizza slice from Norbert's in Brooklyn, NY

So we know we promised everyone we’d update every day, but wi-fi connections so far have been pretty spotty, especially in the mountains. Plus, we’ve spent a lot of time in the car and that involved one of us driving and the other one trying not to get us lost. We’ve been mostly successful with those two things. Good times. But here we are! Our first show in Brooklyn was the perfect start to our road trip adventure. We got there really early and scored a sweet parking spot right in front of The Silent Barn. We then got some excellent vegan pizza up the street at Norbert’s. We also spent some time in the notorious “Canned Ham,” an adorable trailer located in the courtyard/garden of the venue. We felt like rockstars in our trailer with the best air conditioning in all of NY.

Dicso, Casper, and Cag at Silent Barn

Our host/sound guy for the evening, Michael Anthony, had everyone sounding great. Hailey Wojcik played a great solo set consisting of vocals and electric guitar that was reminiscent of early Liz Phair. Totally awesome. We played a 30+ minute set of songs from the new album, a few of which we played live for the first time. It was really cool because everyone in the bar was listening, bobbing their heads to the music, with a lot of them standing near stage. Sue’s guitar playing was a major hit, with people yelling out “more guitar!” and cheering her on.

Somer Bingham of Clinical Trials

After we played, we sold some merch and hung out with some really cool people.The last band of the night, Clinical Trials, was an electric guitar and drum duo. They totally destroyed it. Stacey Lee was aggressive and tight on drums and Somer Bingham sang and danced around stage like a tornado. During the final number, Bingham placed her guitar up against the amp and hit every guitar pedal (she had about a dozen) one after the other. Oh, and they also handed out blow up dolls to the audience so that everyone would have a dance partner when they sang a love song. Badass.

We enjoyed playing for the fine folks of Brooklyn who wanted to rock out on a Tuesday night. Thanks to the Silent Barn for being an amazing artsy venue, Lynn Casper of Homoground for putting the whole thing together, and Wojcik and Clinical Trials for playing awesome original female fronted music! We love you, Brooklyn!

On the road!
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