We are extremely proud to tell the world that our new album Loud and Clear has finally been released from its cage!! Look out!! This album represents countless hours of work and an untold amount of effort. We put all of our energy into every detail, from the very beginning writing and recording to the very end working on putting together the beautiful physical album package.

Please listen to the album, really listen. There is so much to it. Take it to heart, enjoy it, grieve with it, and be empowered by it.

You can purchase Loud and Clear right here or on iTunes or Bandcamp, or at local Wilmington retailers Gravity Records or Alman Gifts.

Folkstar's New Album Loud and Clear

Here’s a little bit about the album:

Folkstar’s new album Loud and Clear is an intensely ambitious 16-track work of art. Folkstar’s Kim Dicso and Sue Cag speak their minds on this album, with songs covering life and death, suicide and dreams, the flaws of our society and the beauty of our world.

Folkstar tackles teen bullying in the song “It Gets Better” (inspired by the It Gets Better Project). They scrutinize our manufactured lives in “Fabrication” and “Everybody Knows” and expose animal exploitation in “Human” and the jazzy number “Abolitionists.” Crowd favorite “Could You Be” is an anthem about love and dreams, as is “Dream Thieves.” Songs exploring death include “Final Curtain” and “New Eyes,” which delve into the emotional complexities of losing someone. Of course there are songs about love as well, such as “Trampoline” and “Ice Queen,” reminiscent of Folkstar’s debut album Emotional Bootcamp. Finally, the title track “Loud and Clear” tells the story of Cag’s hearing loss and talks about a “wake up call,” a common theme throughout the album.

Folkstar fearlessly creates music of substance. Although formed in North Carolina and labeled folk-rock, their music features a variety of influences including west coast rock, indie, blues, jazz, and of course, acoustic singer-songwriter folk and intense guitar laden rock ‘n’ roll.

Loud and Clear has been released!!!
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