Folkstar – “Treelines” (Official Music Video)

This is a collection of clips from our California tree trips, complete with embarrassing dancing! You’re looking at the giant sequoias of the southern Sierras and later on, the coast redwoods of Northern California. All footage was taken at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks? and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

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Treelines and Skylines now available!!!

It’s official release day! Treelines and Skylines is finally here, and we are beyond excited!! You can purchase physical copies through our store and CDbaby, and digital copies from iTunes and Amazon! If you’re a Wilmington, NC local you can also pick up a copy at Gravity Records!

Folkstar album Treelines and Skylines Cover Art

Folkstar album Treelines and Skylines Cover Art

Treelines and Skylines was inspired by considerable time spent in the small pockets of true forest that remain out west: the sequoias, redwoods, douglas firs, spruce, and cedars. There’s no place where life feels more in balance than in an ancient forest. “Treeline” was conceived while standing on top of a rock face while looking across at a grove of giant sequoias in the distance. “Song for Joyce Kilmer” tells the story from the tree’s point of view. “Into the Trees” explores the disunion between nature and man and the virtues of life in balance. In contrast, “Skyline” exposes the fallacies of city life and human self-importance. In between are songs about aging and our medical culture, freedom and travel, love and renewal, a musician’s hard choices, death with dignity, racism and war, and losing a parent. The album concludes with an instrumental inspired by author and soundtracker Gordon Hempton, played entirely on a single acoustic guitar.

The sound of Treelines and Skylines emerges from the contributions of rocker Sue Cag and folker Kim Dicso. The album contains more softer material than Folkstar’s previous album with a lot of acoustic lead from Cag. Blues, alternative, pop, hard rock, classic rock, funk, singer-songwriter, and southern style genres influenced the production. Songwriting is of prime importance to the duo and is split evenly between them.

Folkstar album Treelines and Skylines Art

Folkstar’s album Treelines and Skylines – back cover

Enjoy the Ride (feat. Emily Pakes)

Folkstar & Karmic Fury Records are proud to release from the vault “Enjoy the Ride” featuring Emily Pakes. “Enjoy the Ride” was written to remember and honor all those who have been injured or killed while bicycling. Here’s the full story.

Folkstar - Enjoy the RideIn July of 2013 Kim and I were up in Durham hanging out with our friend / amazing musician Emily Pakes when we started talking about possibly writing a song together. She mentioned the recent death of local Durham cyclist Seth Vidal, which I had heard about. I also knew about several other bicyclists killed in Wilmington and other North Carolina towns because my brother is an avid cyclist and wrote of these accounts in his blog ( But Seth’s story is that one that really haunted me. Two days before he died he tweeted: “It isn’t a contest. Just enjoy the ride.” This stuck with me and I couldn’t hide from it until I put it on paper and worked it out in the studio with Kim. Then Emily came down and delivered an impressive rap for the second verse.

This song is dedicated to Seth Vidal (killed in a hit and run on Hillandale Road in Durham), Paul Tyler (killed in a hit and run on Wrightsville Ave), the Doolittles (father and son killed while riding in the River Road bike lane), Phil Tidmarsh (killed on River Road by a young addict), Harley Becraft (run over twice before anyone stopped to help), Alan Simons (shot in the head by a firefighter in Asheville), Gary Frank Sargent (killed on Eastwood Road), and everyone else killed or injured on our roads. These are preventable tragedies, if only we’d take driving seriously and be good people to each other.

~ Sue Cag of Folkstar

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The RecoveryRockFest Folkstar Band

Folkstar Band

Folkstar fully banded (l-r): Nick Simon, Sue Cag, Kim Dicso, Crystal Fussell, Graham Wilson

The Folkstar full-band show at RECOVERY ROCK FEST last night! Awesome show, awesome people, awesome venue! Kick-ass music from Melissa Ferrick, Mike Blair and the Stonewalls, Stray Local, and Tom McDonald! Huge amount of gratitude to Nyla Cione, Arlene Cummings, Cynthia Cooke, Karen Kane, Heather Rogers, Alicia Whitley, and the fabulous sound crew, especially the guy who went and found Sue after she left her camera behind. Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the music and the camaraderie. This was a freakin’ amazing event!! Our band ROCKS with (l-r) Nick Simon, Sue Cag, Kim Dicso, Crystal Fussell, and Graham Wilson. — at UNCW Kenan Auditorium.

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Recovery RockFest Press Galore!!

RRF is this Saturday 7pm at UNCW's Kenan Auditorium

RecoveryRockFest has been all over the news lately, in so many places it’s impossible to keep up! This is due to the amazing outreach work of founder Nyla Cione. She’s been on radio stations, news stations, and all our online and paper press publications. We are honored to be included in such a great cause!!

Here we are on Time Warner news! Keep your eye out for all the Folkstar sightings!

Star News – Thursday, August 27th, 2015:
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RRF Folkstar Star News

Recovery RockFest and Folkstar covered in this Thursday’s edition of Star News

Encore Magazine – August 26th, 2015:
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RRF Folkstar in Encore

Recovery RockFest and Folkstar in Encore Magazine