Folkstar Takes a Stand Against HB2!

What a huge day at the Stand Against HB2 Concert last Sunday! So much great music, band after band, plus dozens of speakers. Such a great example of our community coming together. Folkstar performed a short set of songs about social justice including “Everybody Knows,” “Abolitionists,” “Beggar’s Plea,” and “Sunday Night.” In the middle of the set, in lieu of getting into how this law personally effects her life, Sue tore apart a picture of Governor Pat McCrory in protest. She has always been a person of few words, but never lacks action.

Photos by Alex Forsyth.

Folkstar at Stand Against HB2 Concert_BW

Kim at Stand Against HB2_1_BW

Sue at Stand Against HB2_3_BW

Folkstar Rocks the Stage Tomorrow at Brooklyn Arts Center! 

Folkstar tears up the Brooklyn Arts Center stage tomorrow at the Stand Against HB2 concert! Twenty-six bands uniting for equality! Be there!!

Folkstar - Sue Cag's Guitar

Sue Cag’s Fiery Folkstar Guitar!

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Folkstar to perform at Stand Against HB2 – North Carolina Musicians United for EqualityNC and QORDS

Sunday, July 31st, 12:20pm

Folkstar is pleased to announce we will be performing at the Stand Against HB2 concert in Wilmington, NC on July 31! We are excited to stand beside so many talented musicians in rising money for this cause that is so important to us. We hope you can join us!

Stand Against HB2 - Folkstar