Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! We hope you have a wonderful day today and a joyful winter season!!

We hope you enjoy the music video for the original Christmas single “Alone on Christmas” by Folkstar. The song is, well, a song about being alone on Christmas. Sometimes we find ourselves in this situation and this song explores the emotions we go through. In the end, there is solace; it’s alright to be alone on Christmas. Brian Tucker of the Star News writes: “The bittersweet, catchy song features a solid chorus and a jazzy guitar melody that plays out like a stroll in the park.” The official video for “Alone on Christmas” is poignant but uplifting, as well as downright silly at times.

Folkstar Christmas

New Folkstar Single Coming Soon!

Folkstar to release upcoming single Enjoy the Ride

Is there a chill in the air where you are? We are embracing the cooler fall air here in Wilmington, NC. We spent a few weeks traveling in New England this summer and got kind of spoiled by the cooler nights, so we’ve been eagerly waiting for the chance to once again throw on our jackets. And the time has arrived! And it’s glorious!

Enjoy the Ride cover art draft

Enjoy the Ride Cover Art

You know what else is glorious? OUR NEW SINGLE! We’ve been tweaking this one for a while and it’s almost ready to be nudged out of the nest and into the world! This song takes things in a new direction for us musically, incorporating sounds that are different from anything else we’ve released so far! It’s called “Enjoy the Ride.”

So what’s the song about? For those of you familiar with Wilmington, you know the roads are not exactly bike-friendly. We love our hometown but have a major gripe with the lack of bike lanes and even sidewalks in a lot of areas that would otherwise be easily traversed on two wheels. Well, a lot of people try anyway. And we can’t even count the number of tragic accidents that have resulted. One day we were having a conversation with a friend from Durham (who, incidentally, ended up as a guest musician on this song) and she mentioned the same thing happening there. The truth is that this is a problem. A major and widespread problem. There are places that make a serious effort (Portland, Oregon for one), but largely we are a culture reliant on cars. Not only are we reliant on cars, but we are also often hostile toward those on bikes. Sometimes it’s unintentional (eyes everywhere but on the road) and other times we lash out in annoyance because we have somewhere to be and have to deal with the presence of a bicyclist in the road. Whatever the reason, cyclists are getting killed or seriously injured through the neglect of those behind the wheels of cars. With this single, we aim to illuminate this issue. Bikes are good for the environment, the body, and the soul, and they have as much of a right to be on the road as our cars do. But, in a collision, they don’t stand a chance.

We’ll send along another note once the single drops, but if you want to keep up with us in the meantime you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

One more thing: in addition to the single, a new album is in the works! We’re spending the winter in the studio and plan to release new material in summer 2015! This is a very exciting time for us creatively and we can’t wait to update you as things progress.

~ Kim and Sue

Folkstar and Karmic Fury Records featured in Wilma Magazine

Kim Dicso and Sue Cag, Folkstar musicians and owners of Karmic Fury Records, talk business with Wilma Magazine

Wilma Magazine article about KFR

Folkstar band members and owners of Karmic Fury Records, Kim Dicso and Sue Cag, are featured in the latest edition of Wilma Magazine. Dicso and Cag talk about why they started a record label and what it’s like day-to-day.

“I want music to change the world for the better.” -Sue Cag

Read the article online at http://www.wilmaontheweb.com/July-2014/Studio-Time/

KFR featured article on Wilma website

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Shout out from Walden Guitars!

Walden Guitars posted about Folkstar’s new music video!! Sue plays Kim’s Walden acoustic on this tune and it sounds mighty fine.

Human video screen shot

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Folkstar performing in Brooklyn, NY

@Friends and Lovers, Saturday, June 7th, 8pm

Folkstar at Friends and Lovers

Homoground Presents: Folkstar, Jana Fisher, and Anna/Kate at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn, NY (641 Classon Ave), Saturday, June 7th, 8pm.

Doors: 7:30pm
Show: 8:00pm
$8 in advance / $10 at door

This event is part of a monthly showcase spotlighting queer musicians held on the first Saturday of each month at Friends and Lovers.

The crowd is full of music loving queers and allies who love supporting independent musicians. The outcome is to provide a space where people can discover new music and meet like-minded folks.

Homoground is a media portal that supports LGBTQ & allied musicians through live events, radio podcasts, a brand new TV show, and other creative collaborations. For more info visit, homoground.com & homoground.tv

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/271837309665796/