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Folkstar – Loud and Clear CD

Folkstar’s new album Loud and Clear is an intensely ambitious 16-track work of art. Folkstar’s Kim Dicso and Sue Cag speak their minds on this album, with songs covering life and death, suicide and dreams, the flaws of our society and the beauty of our world.

Folkstar tackles teen bullying in the song “It Gets Better” (inspired by the It Gets Better Project). They scrutinize our manufactured lives in “Fabrication” and “Everybody Knows” and expose animal exploitation in “Human” and the jazzy number “Abolitionists.” Crowd favorite “Could You Be” is an anthem about love and dreams, as is “Dream Thieves.” Songs exploring death include “Final Curtain” and “New Eyes,” which delve into the emotional complexities of losing someone. Of course there are songs about love as well, such as “Trampoline” and “Ice Queen,” reminiscent of Folkstar’s debut album Emotional Bootcamp. Finally, the title track “Loud and Clear” tells the story of Cag’s hearing loss and talks about a “wake up call,” a common theme throughout the album.

The physical CD includes a super fancy 4-panel CD digipak with a recycled tray and an amazing 12 page booklet containing photos of Folkstar and the authentic lyrics to all of the songs on the CD!! Check out the pics!

Track Listing:
1. Loud and Clear 2. Something New 3. It Gets Better 4. Abolitionists 5. Fabrication 6. Human 7. Could You Be 8. Ice Queen 9. New Eyes 10. Trampoline 11. Afterglow 12. Outcast 13. Final Curtain 14. Everybody Knows (Bonus Track) 15. Natural High (Bonus Track) 16. Dream Thieves (Bonus Track)

Price: $10.00

Also available for digital download through BandcampiTunesAmazonCD Baby.

Folkstar ~ Emotional Bootcamp CD
CD Front
CD Inside CD Lyrics CD Back
Emotional Bootcamp is a full-length 10 song album of folk-rock fury. The songs range from the catchy radio-friendly “Twilight”; hard rockin “Temptation”; singer-songwriter “Cards and Letters”; lyrically folky “Hurried to Leave”; upbeat triumphant “After All”; personal and political “Beggar’s Plea”; new alt-country “Gone”; graceful pop “Reign Falls”; to the more electronically sonic “Hug Me Up” and “Everything You Need”. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Folkstar decided to go a little old school with the physical CD, while avoiding the use of plastic. Purchase a quality physical CD and you receive a fancy 6-panel CD eco-wallet with photos of Folkstar and the authentic lyrics to all of the songs on the CD!!

Track Listing:
1. Cards and Letters  2. Twilight  3. After All  4. Hug Me Up  5. Beggar’s Plea
6. Temptation  7. Hurried to Leave  8. Gone  9. Reign Falls  10. Everything You Need

Price: $10.00

Also available for digital download through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.

Folkstar ~ Alone on Christmas (single)
In December 2012, Folkstar released their first original holiday single “Alone on Christmas,” along with an accompanying music video. Instead of writing about a happy Hallmark holiday, Folkstar tackled the difficult subject of being alone on Christmas. Whether dealing with heartbreak or loss, sometimes the holidays may not only bring joy, but also tough emotional times. Though the song and video are poignant at times, the song is also quite uplifting and delivers solace (and some silliness) at its conclusion.

Available exclusively as a digital download through BandcampiTunesAmazonCD Baby.
Watch the video here:

Folkstar T-Shirts
Folkstar T-Shirt Folkstar T-Shirt
Our Folkstar t-shirts are super fancy and sweat-shop free. They are American Apparel brand and made in the USA. They are superb quality, super soft 100% cotton. Available in ladies and unisex/mens.

The ladies t-shirts are fitted and run small (order a size or two larger than you usually do). The shirts are 100% cotton and will shrink, but only a tiny bit. Both Kim and Sue wear the ladies XL size. It’s slightly loose while still nicely fitted.

Sizes available are Ladies S, M, L, XL and Unisex/Mens S, M, L, XL.
Click to see: Women’s Size Chart & Unisex/Mens Size Chart

The smaller shirt sizes are appropriate for children as well!!

Price: $16.00

Folkstar Posters
Folkstar Poster Folkstar Poster
These are full color 11″ x 17″ promotional posters created for the Emotional Bootcamp CD release. They feature the two photos that appear inside the CD jacket on a large format poster.

Price: $4.00

Folkstar Stickers
These are the brand new second edition black and white indoor/outdoor Folkstar logo stickers, suitable for sticking anywhere. There are two sizes – the small approx. 5.5″ x 1.42″ and the large approx. 8.5″ x 1.38″.

Price: $1.00

Folkstar Bundles

CD and T-Shirt Bundle


Folkstar T-Shirt and CD Bundle!

Get an official Folkstar T-Shirt and Folkstar’s Emotional Bootcamp or Loud and Clear CD (please choose below) as a bundle for only $21. Great deal! Get it today!

Price: $21.00


Folkstar Everything Bundle

Folkstar Everything Bundle!

Get the full, complete, everything Folkstar bundle!! All the goodies!! Folkstar T-Shirt, plus Folkstar’s Emotional Bootcamp or Loud and Clear CD (please choose below), the original Emotional Bootcamp promotional 11 x 17 poster, and both of the small and large Folkstar stickers. Everything you could possibly want!!

Price: $25.00

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